Episode 5: Gnome & Wife

Adventures in Aberland
Episode 5: Gnome & Wife (Recap)
Date played: June 16, 2018
In-game Date: Day Four of the Campaign
The adventure continues with… Aevar Dragontide (human Tempest Cleric), Ana Goldleaf-Hatfield (half-elf Bard), Fingers Ol Susage (wood elf Rogue), and your Dungeon Master. With Zora Bersk (human Fighter / NPC).


TL;DR Awaken in Strierbridge at the Olde Resting Grounds Inn; down to the river; Aevar marries Dyvan and Keeva; Ana and Fingers sing ‘The Wedding Song’; eel eating contest and Fingers wins Heward’s Handy Spice Pouch; reward from Leoline the Smithy; Feats of Strength, where Aevar wins gold; talk to Magic Hopper; talk to Simon Deryngdon; vist smithy; injured guard; to the field; fight an ankheg; return; tiefling fire dancers perform at night; fight imp and mephits; dragon appears, dispensing of devils.

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Behind the DM Screen

The Blacksmith’s Daughter: On Using Familiar Tropes in the Campaign

You and some of your friends want to play D&D. It looks like fun. Maybe you’ve never played. Maybe you played once. Maybe you know a person who has. And, if you’re like me, you say, “I kinda want to be the DM.” Where do you begin?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: You meet in a tavern. Someone needs saving. Banding together with a group of strangers, you embark on an adventure.

It’s a standard hook for your first D&D session, right?

But what if you gave your adventurers this quest without them knowing they were on that quest? How do you create a world where the characters can happen onto narratives and stories in the environment? And how do you solve problems in the narrative you didn’t expect to happen?

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Episode 4: Hieroneous

Adventures in Aberland
Episode 4: ‘Hieroneous’ (Recap 1)
Date played: May 26, 2018
In-Game Time: Day Three of the Campaign, afternoon through the night
The adventure continues with… Aevar Dragontide (Human Tempest Cleric), Ana Goldleaf-Hatfield (Half-Elf Bard), Fingers Ol Susage (Wood Elf Rogue), and the DM. With Keeva the Goblin (Goblin), Dyvan Gonff (Gnome Wizard), and Clare (NPCs).



Heironeous from Faiths & Pantheons

Or, “Skeletons, a Spider, and Thugs! Oh My!”

Note: We played for almost five hours. That and my penchant for verbosity made for an over 3000 word recap, which is a lot of words.

Sorry about that.

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