Episode 8: How to Make Friends and Influence Yuan-Ti

Adventures in Aberland
Episode 8: ‘How to Make Friends & Influence Yuan-Ti’ (Recap)
Date played: July 29, 2018
In-Game Time: Night, Day Five, and morning, Day Six
The adventure continues with… Aevar Dragontide (human tempest cleric), Ana Goldleaf-Hatfield (half-elf bard), Fingers Ol Susage (wood elf rogue), and your Dungeon Master. With Zora Bersk (human fighter / NPC).

TL;DR: Hey, Sneks, yr shopkeepers were like that when we got here; yeah, that sounds legit; Fingers wants to meet Cloverdale; Ana inquires about music & magic; Fingers says he is the elder son of Varis Tel-Merkin, ambassador to Merkinsaw and member of the King’s Council; Cloverdale agrees to share information when they return with his purloined bowl; he also tells them that the whiskey merchant Feleekya Cassidity owes him money; group leaves and heads to tavern; Zora, Fingers, and Ana attempt a proper courtly bow; group regrets their murderous actions and will attempt to talk first and attack second; Seiveril decides to travel with them to the dragon cult lair; level up while sleeping; hit the road in cart; fight two giant spiders that unwisely tried to eat them; 80s movie high-fives post-battle.

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Behind the DM Screen, Recaps

Episode 7: References & Behind the DM Screen

This episode of “References & Behind the DM Screen” includes Charles Dickens, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fallout: New Vegas, Whitesnake, Ditch Mimes, Withnail & I, the Smiths, Public Enemy, Dolly Parton, and Tenacious D!  Continue reading “Episode 7: References & Behind the DM Screen”


Episode 7: Of Carts & Monsters

Adventures in Aberland
Episode 7: ‘Of Carts and Monsters’ (Recap)
Date played: July 15, 2018
In-Game Time: Day Five of the campaign, late morning until night

The adventure continues with… Aevar Dragontide (Human Tempest Cleric), Ana Goldleaf-Hatfield (Half-Elf Bard), Fingers Ol Susage (Fat Elf Rogue), and the DM. With Zora Bersk (Human Archery Fighter, NPC).

TL;DR Garret eavesdropping on goblin conversation; Roderick takes Duncan’s cart to Winterhollow; Aevar discusses ankheg carcass with Lodovich Keepdown; party visits Curiousity Shop to talk to Humphrey about devils and dragons; to the Radish and meet Whitesnake rep, who hires them to retrieve a ceremonial bowl from a dragon cult; suggests finding survivor of previous failed attempt; head toward docks to track down the missing whiskey caravan; random encounter with goblin patrol and bugbear; learn the whiskey shipment was picked up from docks by three of Cass’s people and local hoodlum Jorrel Slait; to The Swimming Firkin tavern to investigate; meet and talk to seiveril about kobold-infested dungeon; to crow crag pub; ana performs her goblin charm song; fingers investigates trapdoor down to a crevasse and big snek; group breaks into Whitesnake hideout where they discover the missing whiskey shipment; engage with two yuan-ti in the chamber; fight and kill both. Continue reading “Episode 7: Of Carts & Monsters”


Episode 6: “After Tonight When I Wake Up…”

Adventures in Aberland
Episode 6: ‘After Tonight When I Wake Up…’ (Recap)
Date played: July 1, 2018
In-Game Date: Day Four, Night, to Day Five, Morning
The adventure continues with… Aevar Dragontide (human tempest cleric), Ana Goldleaf-Hatfield (half-elf bard), Fingers Ol Susage (wood elf rogue), and your Dungeon Master. With Zora Bersk (human fighter / NPC).


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TL;DR Post-devil fight; Aevar speaks to Loraroris at Temple of Oghma; Ana & Zora go to her room at the Inn; Fingers romances a pair of tiefling acrobats; three dream sequences; breakfast; speak to Deryngdon, who requests the group investigate Crow Crag and the criminal organization Whitesnake; Garret makes Whitesnake counter-offer; Keeva asks for help; Group appeals to Leoline to protect Keeva

The quartet of adventurers—Aevar, Ana, Fingers, & Zora—stood in the field above the Temple of Pelor, staring into the distant skies as the metallic dragon flies over the hill and into the darkening sky. A crack of thunder peals in the eastern distance over the Threllkeld Mountains. Continue reading “Episode 6: “After Tonight When I Wake Up…””