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Tales of a Cambry Courtesan (Episode 10)

Fingers Ol Susage found a naughty novel. It might be relevant to his quest to unseat his father from the King’s Council and not merely medibation material. Here’s the title page, which is slightly NSFW… Continue reading “Tales of a Cambry Courtesan (Episode 10)”


Episode 10: Clerical Duties

Adventures in Aberland
Episode 10: “Clerical Duties” (Recap 1)
Date played: August 26, 2018
In-Game Time: Night, Day Six and dawn till dusk, Day Seven
The adventure continues with Aevar Dragontide (Human Tempest Cleric), Ana Goldleaf-Hatfield (Half-Elf Bard), introducing Astrid Morninghide (Aasimar Grave Cleric), Fingers Ol Susage (Wood Elf Rogue), and your Dungeon Master. With Zora Bersk (Human Arcane Archer / NPC).


The Gilded Vale loading screen from Pillars of Eternity

TL;DR Night in the cottage; **Aevar** shares his arrival in Aberland; **Fingers** medibates to *Tales of a Cambry Courtesan* and recognizes his parents in it; resume travel next morning; see ahead two figures on horseback engaged by wolf pack; join in fight against wolves; meet **Astrid Morninghide** and **Iselde Cloverdale**; discussion reveals they share a destination; **Iselde** explains that the bowl will be used for Yuan-ti transformations, which ends the party’s tentative arrangement with **the Whitesnakes**; party joins **Astrid** and **Iselde** on rescue mission; kobold ambush; arrive at ruins, met by **Gorian Erectus**

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Episode 9: The One with the Fireball

Adventures in Aberland
Episode 9: “The One with the Fireball” or, “The Bysshe Woods,” or, “We Almost Died in the Bysshe Woods and All We Got Was this Bag of Holding”
Date played: August 12, 2018

In-Game Time: Day Six, late morning until night

The adventure continues with… Aevar Dragontide, Ana Goldleaf-Hatfield, Fingers Ol Susage, and the DM. With Zora Bersk and Seiveril Flameflaw (NPCs).


TL;DR Seiveril hopes his party could yet live; fight Giant Spiders; Seiveril paralyzed & left in cart; travel a few miles and hear flute; investigate; Feywild imposes itself on material plane and leaves Goldleaf plants; fight with the landscape; Mage attacks party; fireball almost kills everyone; Ana saves the party; a dragonborn looks for cheeese; Ana casts Hold Person on Mage; tide of battle turns; Ming defeated; clues found in his cottage. Continue reading “Episode 9: The One with the Fireball”