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Notes from The Codex of Honorbow Keep (Episode 13 in-game handout player)

In Episode 12, Astrid read through a journal and some papers in a library underneath the tower of the dragon in Honorbow Keep. Upon discovering another archive in Episode 13, she found pages missing from one of the folios she’d seen earlier. Below the jump is the summary of what she read… Continue reading “Notes from The Codex of Honorbow Keep (Episode 13 in-game handout player)”


Episode 13: “What Lies Beneath Honorbow Keep” (Recap)

Adventures in Aberland
Episode 13: “What Lies Beneath Honorbow Keep” (Recap)
Date played: 7 October 2018
In-Game Time: Day Nine, early morning (using our calendar, it’s 7 May 500 CE; fantasy calendar names TBD), through Day Ten.

TEAM TEALIGHT’s adventures continue with Aevar Dragontide (Human Tempest Cleric), Ana Goldleaf-Hatfield (Half-Elf Bard), Astrid Morninghide (Aasimar Grave Cleric), Fingers Ol Susage (Wood Elf Rogue), and your Dungeon Master. With Zora Bersk (Human Arcane Archer / NPC).


Descent under Honorbow Keep; Riddle Door 1: Hieroneous; Zora speaks the Oath dictated by Aevar; a Crevasse; Oil of Slipperiness; Hallway of Blades; Zombie Dragonborn with Adamantine Greatsword; Riddle Door 2: Brass Dragon; Fingers picks the lock; library with codex pages and ring of feather falling; crossbow hallway; acquire two light crossbows, no bolts; Riddle Door 3: Sick Rose; Ana reads the poem; Roisin’s Emphemera; the Cavern; Astrid goes celestial to investigate; Iron Golem guards the remains; long rest; fight; victory Continue reading “Episode 13: “What Lies Beneath Honorbow Keep” (Recap)”

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Episode 13: Dungeon & Cavern Maps

Team Tealight descended a long, dark, and winding tunnel of roughly hewn rock, following a trail of red candles along the floor. They crouched and stumbled across loose stones, rock fragments, and scree before finding the path crossing onto the flagstones of a hallway. They cautiously approached the first door.

The first door is on the far left of the map. Below is where they explored in Episode 13: “What Lies Beneath Honorbow Keep.” Descriptions can be found in the episode recap and in The Story.

Insert diffident apology for my sloppy drawing skills here. Still new to mapmaking and dungeon design.


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