Episode 18: Heroes to Zeroes (Gameplay Recap & Behind the DM Screen)

Date of Session: Saturday, 2 March 2019.
In-Game Time: 11 Beltane 500 CE (Day Thirteen of the Campaign)
Where: Honorbow Keep Excavation Site, then the fair city of Strierbridge

Photo via: Trek Earth

TEAM TEALIGHT’s adventures continue with Aevar Dragontide (Human Tempest Cleric), Ana Goldleaf-Hatfield (Half-Elf Bard), Astrid Morninghide (Aasimar Grave Cleric), Fingers Ol Susage (Wood Elf Rogue), and your Dungeon Master. With Zora Bersk (Human Arcane Archer / NPC).

TL;DR Receive licensing agreement from Arcane College before leaving Honorbow Keep; teleport to Strierbridge; encounter Keeva, Claire, Shava, and Leoline’s mastiff there; a caper to charm guards to release Garrett from his cell; shopping at the Smithy; drinks and letters at Olde Resting Grounds Inn; Aevar storms off; the party decides to follow; tell Garrett to go to Gardenarea; Aevar confronts Viper and a Goliath in the street; Uthgar the Goliath challenges Aevar to brawl, which Aevar accepts, but uses magic instead of his fists; Uthgar denounces Aevar as a cheater and a weakling; the assembled crowd boos Aevar for denying them a street fight; Uthgar tells Viper he was right about the Tealights, solidifying the Goliath’s bond with the Whitesnakes; Astrid demands to know what in the ever-living hell Aevar was doing.

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