Episode 19: Lunchbox & Dhinner (Gameplay Recap)

Episode 19: From Lunchbox to Dhinner (Gameplay Recap)
Date of Session: Friday, 3 May 2019.
In-Game Time: We left off on 11 Beltane. It is now the afternoon of 14 Beltane 500 CE (Day Sixteen of the Campaign) through afternoon of the next day, 15 Beltane.
Where: Strierbridge and the road east toward the docks and the forest.
The Weather: Until stated otherwise, it is raining.

TEAM TEALIGHT’s adventures continue with Ana Goldleaf-Hatfield (Half-Elven Bard), Astrid Morninghide (Aasimar Grave Cleric), Fingers Ol Susage (Wood Elf Rogue), and your Dungeon Master. Introducing Dharilius Ostad (Tiefling Wild Magic Sorcerer).


  • Fingers, Ana, and Astrid wake up in the Strierbridge Keep Infirmary, several days after we last saw them. General confusion as to what has happened. No Aevar and no Zora.
  • Lords’ High Investigator (LHI) wants to question them about what they don’t remember.
    RP Challenge: Meet the LHI.
  • Quest: Infiltrate the Whitesnake hideout, rescue Garret and any other survivors, and retrieve the planeshifting device and objects of interest, arcane or otherwise without disrupting the operation at the Strierbridge Docks.
  • Traveling secretary to the High Investigator, Dharilius Ostad, joins the Tealights.
  • Fight with six hooded figures drops Fingers, but Los Tea-Teas prevail.

Full recap COMING SOON!

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