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Terrain Building

The bard sings into the cavern. The acoustics are really good in here!

I designed a dungeon where the final area on the map suggested a ziggurat, but the vertical axis didn’t have the desired impact on a battle mat. So, I built some terrain for our session using polystyrene foam bricks. My partner was able to add a coat of paint before we had the session.

More pictures after the jump…

Polysterene isn’t very good material for the purpose. I’ve since learned that extruded foam is what you’d rather be using.

Overview. Scoring the foam maintained the 1″ grid. Trying to define rooms by scoring deeper didn’t work very well, though. Scrap cardboard worked better to mark out walls. I can add details (like doors or stone patterns) in the future.

It’s all still quite unfinished, but so goes the process. The goal was to add to the tension of the final “boss room” fight by using minis and terrain. As my players all began discussing the new character they’d be rolling up after they died in this fight, I’d say it achieved the desired effect!

“Like a bridge over a yawning chasm, I will go to die.”

Also to do: finish painting the minis. So many miniatures, so little time. These are a mix of minis from Hero Forge, Reaper, and Steamforged Games.

Only one coat of paint. We’ll do more later.

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