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Letters for Team Tealight

In Episode 18, the characters received letters when the arrived at the Olde Resting Grounds Inn in Strierbridge. After the jump are pictures of a few of them.

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Notes from The Codex of Honorbow Keep (Episode 13 in-game handout player)

In Episode 12, Astrid read through a journal and some papers in a library underneath the tower of the dragon in Honorbow Keep. Upon discovering another archive in Episode 13, she found pages missing from one of the folios she’d seen earlier. Below the jump is the summary of what she read… Continue reading “Notes from The Codex of Honorbow Keep (Episode 13 in-game handout player)”

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Mekras Ebracular’s Note to Rosellus Honorbow (from Episode 12)

Dated: 25th of Aeon, Wodesfast, 933

Sir Rosellus,

I have grave misgivings about your path. I know I speak out of turn. You are within your right to do with your child as you will, but I entreat you to heed my warning before it is too late.

You sent for a holy man to exorcise the devil from your child. He has burned her skin and cut her tongue, but she does not die. He tells you the devil preserves her and you believe him.

I tell you it is a lie.

The holy man who claims to be a Cleric of our order is no one if not the arch necromancer Oyogan Nightfall! You have opened your home to the villain the Knights seek to destroy! Banish me to your dungeon as you have all others who have crossed you, if you must. Your actions endanger the order. You must stop this madness!

In Hieroneous’ Name,

Mekras Ebracular

Minister of Strategy


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Journal of Amaris Spiderchallenge (from Episode 12)

Journal of Amaris Spiderchallenge

Graduate Student,

College of Lore

Cambry University,


If found, please return.

Fourth Month of the Year 500, Current Era

I arrived yesterday in Winterhollow with Master Gorian and met the other students from Cambry, Strierbridge, and Cardigenden. Today, we all took carriages southeast into the Bysshe Woods. Exciting! It was beautiful at first, but then it got cold and dark. We stopped. The guards had to kill some wild creatures. I didn’t get a good look, as we were Continue reading “Journal of Amaris Spiderchallenge (from Episode 12)”

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W o a d b u r y ’ s F r o l i c (from Episode 11)

Fingers Ol Susage spoke with a librarian about the kind of books they keep in the back room or below the counter. The fellow handed him a flyer for a bookshop in Cambry that featured “Letters, Tracts, & Voluptous Readings.” Vaguely naughty eighteenth-century style content follows below the jump. Incidentally, some of the titles are D&D spell names (context is all).  Continue reading “W o a d b u r y ’ s F r o l i c (from Episode 11)”

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The Codex of the Knights Hieroneous (from Episode 11)

The archivist places the century-old tome upon a lectern and tutors you in the handling of rare books. The book’s white leather cover has frayed and yellowed over time and the silverleaf embossing only remains in traces.

The Codex of the Knights Hieroneous

by Gabriel Truthsinger,
College of Lore,
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