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Terrain Building 2

Meanwhile, in the second campaign…

Mat's Terrain

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Terrain Building

The bard sings into the cavern. The acoustics are really good in here!

I designed a dungeon where the final area on the map suggested a ziggurat, but the vertical axis didn’t have the desired impact on a battle mat. So, I built some terrain for our session using polystyrene foam bricks. My partner was able to add a coat of paint before we had the session.

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Cartography, Process, Visuals

Episode 13: Dungeon & Cavern Maps

Team Tealight descended a long, dark, and winding tunnel of roughly hewn rock, following a trail of red candles along the floor. They crouched and stumbled across loose stones, rock fragments, and scree before finding the path crossing onto the flagstones of a hallway. They cautiously approached the first door.

The first door is on the far left of the map. Below is where they explored in Episode 13: “What Lies Beneath Honorbow Keep.” Descriptions can be found in the episode recap and in The Story.

Insert diffident apology for my sloppy drawing skills here. Still new to mapmaking and dungeon design.