The chronicles of a first-time DM designing and running a fifth edition (5e) Dungeons & Dragons adventure with bespoke content, story-driven narrative, and (mostly) new players. The blog features recaps of our sessions and commentary on my process of creating them.

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The Adventurers page features brief bios of the player characters. The NPC page is under construction, but features bios on some of the more important characters Team Tealight has met. Locations features maps, as do posts tagged “Cartography.”

You might want to start with The Story, which is the most condensed summary of our episodes to date. You can also find recaps of each session (tagged “Episode Recaps”), handouts (tagged “Visuals” and “In game handouts”), and some reflections about running the game in posts tagged “Behind the DM Screen.”

Finally, there’s even a running list of what we eat and drink at each session because it might be cool to remember that one day.

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