Team Tealight

Aevar_6Aevar Dragontide, played by Jeremy Bednarz, is a six foot two, 220 pound Valksvard human Tempest Cleric of Valkur in his early thirties. Aevar has black hair and blue-green eyes. Clad in battered chainmail and furs with a thick crust of salt from the sea coating everything. A close-cut beard covers his face, a bundle of hair tied tight peaks out from underneath the helm. The shield on his back bears the emblem of a storm cloud with three lightning bolts striking down, and seems to have seen as much use as the warhammer on his belt. Aevar will never forget his first ship, The Hunter’s Fortune, which was sunk in Tempest Cove Bay. He seeks any living survivors from that night.

Aevar vanished after an ambush from the Cult of the Night Serpent (between Episodes 18 and 19) and was last reportedly aboard a ship with some of the Whitesnakes. His current whereabouts are unknown.

FELGSO01_lgAna Goldleaf-Hatfield, played by Jana Morgan, is a half-elven Glamour Bard with copper hair and eyes, fair skin, and a slim, but not frail frame at five feet eight inches tall and 140 pounds. Although barely 30 years old (in half-elf years), Ana is the eldest of seventeen (17) children of Anastrianna Goldleaf, a Wood Elf recreational alchemist, and Zinedane Hatfield, a smooth-talkin’ human minstrel and master luthier. She hails from Goldleaf Hollow in the Merkinsaw Region. Ana isn’t looking for love, but maybe she just hasn’t found the right girl yet. Ana has been an entertainer since her youth, but turned adventurer to uncover why the music has gone out of Goldleaf Hollow.


Astrid Morninghide, played by Leah Bednarz, is a 41-year-old Aasimar Grave Cleric of Kelemvor. Astrid has light blue eyes, pale skin and black hair. It was hard to tell her age other than the silver streak running through her hair. She was born into a common family of farmers with a human father and Deva mother. Her mother took her place in the heavens to watch over Astrid and her father, keeping her distance so that Astrid would live a normal life. Throughout her childhood her father sheltered from the fact that she wasn’t human until her 18th birthday when he revealed her true nature to her. Shortly after finding this out, she set out to make a name for herself and to use her powers to help people.

Dharilius Ostad, also played by Jeremy, is a Tiefling Sorcerer and the assistant to the advisor to the King on matters arcane and magical, occult or otherwise, and traveling secretary to the Lord’s High Investigator, to aid (and keep on track) Team Tealight in the investigation into the Cult of the Night Serpent. As a cloistered scholar, Dharilius (or “Dharil”–please mind the ‘h’) has spent his life studying, researching, and playing the political games of the Cambry Court–only having dreamed of adventuring. High Investigator Calisandra assigned Dharil to the Tealights, believing their venture into the former Whitesnake lair would be a safe and simple task, as most of the Cultists had gathered at the Strierbridge Docks. It was neither safe nor simple. Woefully unprepared for combat, Dharil nonetheless held his own and kept his composure under fire, all the while taking detailed notes on his oddball companions and their adventures.

fingers ol susage.jpbFingers Ol Susage, played by Matthew Ducharme, is a 270-year old Wood Elf Mastermind Rogue who stands at five feet nine inches tall and weighs in at 250 pounds. Fingers is just a cheerful fat traveler from Philawoodelphia. Looking for good companionship, adventure and maybe a few ales, accompanied by a snack or two. Fingers has rosy cheeks, big brown eyes, and enjoys to wash and groom himself on occasion. He has a tendency to be a loquacious talker when nervous or intimidated, which either works well or not so much. Your average elf, but one who has a mysterious connection to the most powerful family in Merkinsaw, the House of Tel-Merkin.

Yaaz Qweene, played by Kristie Ducharme, is a half-elven Circle of the Moon Druid. She had been taken to the Cult of the Night Serpent by another Druid, whom she soon learned was evil. When Team Tealight arrived (in Episode 22) to stop Shalkashlah from opening a portal into the realm of the Night Serpent, Yaaz saw an opportunity for liberation and joined the Tealights to stop the Cultists. Yaaz prefers to go topless, sport antlers, use her feminine wiles to subvert toxic masculinity, and shape-shift into a sabre-toothed tiger. Her turn-ons include moss and trees.

Zora Bersk (NPC) is a 24-year old human female Arcane Archer Fighter from the kingdom of Sarusia, far to the east on the continent. In Episode 5, Zora joined the group and she levels up with them. RP is handled by the DM and gameplay by Jeremy.

Zora was born out-of-wedlock to the daughter of a Baron and her tutor. She has always been a nomad, traversing the continent and joining a ship at a young age. Zora learned archery while young and used these skills aboard ship, usually up in the Crow’s Nest because the other sailors didn’t care for her “charming” personality (she has -2 Charisma).

Her first ship was The Vengeance. She dressed as a boy to be able to join and continued to dress androgynously. Her figure is slim, she stands at five feet seven inches tall, and keeps her black hair in a high ponytail with an undercut.

Since joining Team Tealight, Zora and Ana have been romantically involved.

Dyvan Gonff (no longer with the group)

Forest Gnome Illusionist
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 2.45 feet tall
Weight: 38 Pounds
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown

Usually accompanied by his great friend – Mingo the Woodpecker – Dyvan is about 2.5 feet tall with a light brown and disheveled beard. Shy and introspective for a Gnome, Dyvan has been wandering around the lands trying to cope with the destruction of his home by marauding Forest trolls and the death of his beloved Gnomemaiden, Kelbi Eyrwin. Before the tragedy, Dyvan was just beginning his study of the magical arts with his mentor, Fritz. He now wanders the forests in search of community, opportunities to continue his studies in magic and in search of his lost creativity, joy and time.

Personality traits: Joyful trickester at the core – yet oddly depressed at the moment. Impulsive, romantic.

Ideal: The natural world, community and justice.

Bond: Mingo the Woodpecker and all forest animals.

Flaw: Indecisive.

Note: Dyvan was a member of the party for the first three episodes. In episode four, he went catatonic and then was married to the goblin seamstress, Keeva. He was last seen in Strierbridge.